[SOLVED] Working with parenthetical filenames in bash script.

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I have a script which needs to scp some files named as file1(MTD), file2(MTD), and file3(MTD) from a VM. The next step is to check that each one transferred successfully. The VM's OS is Debian, I am running this script from Cygwin on Windows XP. Here's what I have: Code: scp "[email protected]:/home/user/transfer/{\ file1\(MTD\),\ file2\(MTD\),\ file3\(MTD\)}" ~/transfer typeset _files="\ file1\(MTD\) \ file2\(MTD\) \ file3\(MTD\)" typeset _check for _check in ${_files} do     [[ -f ~/transfer/${check} ]] && continue     echo "MISS (HowTos)