[Solved] util-linux and eject in conflict

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – bdetwil wrote:$pacman -R eject returns that udisks and udisks2 require eject as a dependency...is it safe to force removal?i did a pacman -Syyui too got the udisk and udisk2 dependencies,so i did a pacman -Rdd eject pacman -Suu util-linuxThanks swanson, im guessing that meant not only thats how you force remove, but that it was ok to do so? (a note on that would have been more reassuring) I wasnt sure without having done any research on this matter.  I was going out on a limb assuming this.  :-)ill let you all know if i have any problems.  This is my laptop, and it needs 500mb o (HowTos)