[SOLVED] Right word for SMTP MTA?

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello As my ISP sometimes and incorrectly flags some e-mails I send as SPAM, I figured I'd use the Exim running on the SheevaPlug to send outbound SMTP e-mails. However, I'm not sure of how it's called when the server must send outbound e-mails by looking up the target domain's MX record instead of simply forwarding e-mails to a specific (eg. ISP's) SMTP server. I guess the latter is called a store-and-forward or "relay" MTA, but what's the word for a full-fledged MTA that will look up MX records and send e-mails directly? Thank you. Edit : this page explains it: http://www.feep (HowTos)