[SOLVED] Macbook Pro 5,5 grub issues

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – If you want to rid your system of OS X altogether, I found that if I get to the Disk Utility, and do the 'Erase Disk 7 Times' thing, then install NodeZero which is a modified Ubumtu Distro for PenTesting, I get a fresh clean and smooth Linux going. After that all the other "Live" Installers like Debian, and PC-BSD/FreeBSD work fine, so far as of a couple weeks ago. If you want a ZFS Install, try PC-BSD to make it easy to set up, then flop over to FreeBSD. Arch seems to like to run over FreeBSD/PC-BSD Installations on my MacBook Pro 5,4 (Mid 2009). The latest OS X Lion is ma (HowTos)