[SOLVED] Installing Epson Driver in Ubuntu 9.10 all variants

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I was having a problem getting an Epson Sylus NX215 to work. Following the FAQ on the Avasys.jp site got it working. Here is the link: http://avasys.jp/eng/linux_driver/faq/id000608.php The link above has you building a .deb custom for your system from source. The FAQ is easy to follow so don't get freaked out using the CLI. You will need to download the driver tarball specific for your Epson device as well as the .ppd file for your Epson. Copy the .ppd file to /usr/share/ppd then install your .deb making sure the printer is not connected yet. sudo dpkg -i ./pipslite[version_for_your_printer].deb Connect your Epson and configure it pointing to the .ppd file you put in /usr/share/ppd. (Hardware)