[solved] Google-earth (CCR / 31-5-2013)

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http://chakra-project.org – A bit of OT here (I don't want to hijack the post either!):fanisatt wrote:I still remember my Sinclair Spectrum, peek- poke and random usr, my Atari St ,the Motorola 68000 CPU machine code, the moveml D0-D7....Ohhhh man, that's a low blow!Mine's were a Timex Sinclair 2068 when I was 8, I think (it all started with this beauty thanks to my dad), a CZ Spectrum -do you remember how hot it get and those soft rubber keys!?), a Spectrum 48K Plus -loved it's keyboard-, then an Atari 800XL -a wonderful machine-, then a Commodore 64 (US bulky model), then an MSX Talent DPC-200 with (HowTos)