[SOLVED] Difference between ISO_Level3_Shift, ISO_Level3_Latch and ISO_Level3_Lock

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – ISO_Level3_Shift: You have to keep this key pressed to select the corresponding 3rd level symbol. ISO_Level3_Latch: You can press the key once, and release it. For next key you press, the 3rd level would be chosen. (This is a superset of the ISO_Level3_Shift key: you don’t have to necessarily release it.) ISO_Level3_Lock: Once it is pressed, the third level would be selected for all the following keypresses. Once done, you have to “release the lock”, by pressing it again. The same thing holds for ISO_Level2. ISO_Level2_Shift: This is the vanilla Shift key. ISO_Level2_Latch: If you change y (HowTos)