[SOLVED] Can not suspend/hibernate after 9.10 upgrade (console suspend works)

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Ive looked around a bit and cant find anything recent on this so here goes. Before i upgraded to 9.10 i could suspend using the hot key on my keyboard, i could not how ever use the hibernate hot key. I could also use the suspend AND hibernate buttons on the K menu and both worked fine. After the upgrade i can no longer use the hot keys or the buttons on the K menu to suspend or hibernate. I did find out that if i go to console only mode from KDM that i can use the suspend hot key and it worked great. When i press the hot keys or use the buttons a pop-up in the lower right-hand screen tells me that Power Management - Screen is being locked. That is all it does is lock the screen. I checked all my settings in System Settings - Power Management and nothing is set to lock the screen. They are set to Suspend to RAM. Amidst searching yesterday i found out that because i did an "upgrade" Grub did not get upgraded so i did that and it didn't help either. Specs: Dell E1505 laptop KDE 4.3.2 Kubuntu 9.10 Power Management Backend - HAL-Power Kernel - 2.6.31-14-generic RAM - 2 GB Swap - 2 GB Grub2 (grub-pc) Any ideas? (Hardware)