Solaris 8/Ultra 5(333 MHz) can't recognize disk or disk1 any more

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I have one Ultra 5 (333 MHz) running Solaris 8. It was bought about 10 years ago and it is hardly used and was running fine without any issue. A few months ago I was trying to copy some big files to /export/home/user/tmp file but accidentally typed /tmp. The / partition filled up and system got into panicked and tried to reboot but was complaining that there is no disk in the system. I had turned it off and couple of hours later tried and it booted successfully. A few months later I am trying to boot again and I get the same message that there is no disk, check the cable. I have tried with three other cables and three different disks (one cable and one disk from another working system) but no success. Now I have used Solaris 8 disk and booted in single user mode ok boot cdrom -s It booted fine and got # prompt, then I have tried format # format I think it said no disk installed. Please help, any help will be highly appreciate. Thanks Sadar (HowTos)