Solaris 10 VMs hang after about a week

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http://www.unix.com – Hi all, We're been having issues with quite a few Solaris 10 VMs hanging after about a week of uptime. These VMs are running on VMware ESXi 4.1 U1 hosts and the issue does not occur on any specific host. We also running CentOS VMs and are not experiencing any issues with those VMs. The VMs that are experiencing this issue are running a few different patch levels. I've seen it occur on 147441-15, 144489-17, and 142910-17. These VMs are running Tomcat (5.5.33 and some run 6.0.18) and PostgreSQL 9.0.3. The Tomcat apps use JDK version 1.6.0_26. When the hang occurs, all network services sto (HowTos)