So I just hosed my system, it just doesn't know yet.

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http://crunchbang.org – I've just done something super dumb.Was preparing a usb key to install Waldorf on a T60 and typed :sudo dd if=crunchbang-11-20121015-i686.iso of=/dev/sdainstead of :sudo dd if=crunchbang-11-20121015-i686.iso of=/dev/sddI ctrl-C ed after 183 MB had been copied./dev/sda1 is my crunchbang / partitionThe system is still running fine.I'm quite sure I hosed the boot sector, MBR and the partition table by writing to the device directly with a raw file.Is there anything I could do to repair the damage short of a reinstall? Or is my crunchbang like a nuke victim, still walking though already (HowTos)