smartctl not actually running self tests?

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http://serverfault.com – I want to run the smartctl self tests to check the health of the drives in my RAID array (PERC 5/i). The array is on sda and comprises six drives. I can check the status using sudo smartctl /dev/sda -d megaraid,0 -a And I see that SMART is available and enabled on all the drives. I have tried to run self tests using sudo smartctl /dev/sda -d megaraid,0 -t short and sudo smartctl /dev/sda -d megaraid,0 -t long I have also tried it on all of the drives 0-5. No matter what I try, when I run: sudo smartctl /dev/sda -d megaraid,0 -l selftest I always get the same result, which (HowTos)