smartctl on external hdd inside ide-to-usb enclosure

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I have a very old 2.5" IDE drive inside a USB enclosure that gives some buffer I/O error. I tried to use smartctl to see what SMART says about it, but I can't manage to make it work. Being root, if I just write: #> smartctl --all /dev/sde smartctl answers: /dev/sde: Unknown USB bridge [0x14cd:0x6600 (0x201)] Smartctl: please specify device type with the -d option. So I've tried every -d TYPE available in the help summary, and the best result is achieved with: #> smartctl --all -d scsi /dev/sde that outputs: Vendor: IC25N030 Product: ATMR04-0 User Capa (HowTos)