SLOW website loads from new Debian Lenny 5.0.4 install

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hey everyone, Well, Im 0/2 so far with this server setup! I have spent 3 weeks researching and reading about various Linux distros and what is best for a web/mail server. I decided to go with a new AMD64bit system (8GB RAM, Quad Core processor @3.4GhZ, 2 750 WD "Caviar Blacks" in RAID 1) and running Debian Lenny 5.0.4 64bit version. I have no desktop environment installed, only the standard system as it is intended to force me to learn unix shell commands and scripts, and as a web server it is optimal to do it this way. Anyway, my problem is as follows. I used Falko's installation of "Perfect Server w/ ISPConfig 3" from howtoforge and that went well after I fixed some minor installation issues. From within the LAN, I could access ISP config's panel using my server's IP address and port 8080 like this: I can also ssh via my mac's terminal shell on the same LAN using the IP address. I could not do it from outside the LAN, so upon suggestion of another forum I setup my server as a DMZ host to open up all ports to the internet. (bad idea?) Now before I did this DMZ Host, my web server would load the default index.html file very fast. After I uploaded the actual website data to both sites (simple html + small javascript and CSS) and used the DMZ, my sites take over 45 seconds to even show up anything on the screen. Sometimes, they wont even load at all and timeout. Even more so, my putty connections still don't work from outside! I am guessing that my server is timing out on those too, as I am not getting the "connection refused" as I was prior. Any ideas? I will post whatever you need me to from any command. Just let me know and it shall be done. Thanks in advance! -Debian_webserver_wannabe (HowTos)