slow copy over usb ?

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I used Quote: tar cf * - | (cd /media/VFDATAD1_ ; tar -xvf -) to copy a tree of 22GB in a vfat32 partition in external hard drive #1 to another vfat32 partition in external hard drive #2. These two drives are connected to my linux box with usb 2.0. The command of course is issued from CentOS 5.2. Now, the seemingly easy task turns to be excruciating painful because the it took 6 hours 45 mins to transfer. I worked the maths, the transfer rate is 0.9 MB/sec !! My friends told me that I should get at least 30 MB/sec transfer rate. I wonder the mere 0.9 MB has to do with the fact that data are on vfat32 partitions ? I suspect the driver to handle vfat is not optimal ? I don't know if I have asked the right question. I am so upset by the slow rate. I believe I achieve a higher rate when I transferred files between 2 ext3 partitions. Can anyone confirm ? (HowTos)