[Slackware Security]: Some pending vulnerabilities...

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – In preparation for the upcoming release going beta, I thought I'd share/re-cap a few outstanding vulnerabilities of varying severity in Slackware-current: xlockmore: CVE-2013-4143; fixed in xlockmore 5.43 (see: thread) subversion: CVE-2013-4131; fixed in subversion 1.7.11 libtiff:CVE-2012-2088, CVE-2012-2113; fixed in libtiff 3.9.7 CVE-2012-4447, CVE-2012-4564, CVE-2013-1960, CVE-2013-1961; fixed in my CVS20130502 patch against 3.9.7 based on upstream commits. CVE-2013-4231; fixed in my backport patch1 against tiff 3.9.7. CVE-2013-4232; fixed in my backport patch2 against tiff 3.9.7. CVE-201 (HowTos)