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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello All, I installed skype with the help of the skype wiki on en.opensuse.org/Skype (using zypper to install extra necessary packages). So, Skype now opens A-ok, but I have 2 problems: 1) NO SOUND 2) My 2 USB webcams don't work. 1) I have an AMD 64 bit processor with an nvidia geforce 6000 series GPU. Sound also seems to be routed through Nvidia. No matter what I choose for outgoing sound in Skype's settings, I don't get any outgoing sound. Although the Skype test call will work without crashing - but with no sound, of course. 2) I have 2 usb webcams. Both worked with skype in PCLOS 2007 (KDE3.5 - I don't remember the kernel number). These webcams do not work with kde4 distros - perhaps it is a kde4 issue, or perhaps an issue with the newer kernels. One webcam is a logitech quickcam with mic, and I forget the other one (a bit older with no mic). Any ideas how to trouble shoot this one...??? Thanks. D. (Distributions)