Skype Connect and Elastix for incoming and outgoing calls

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http://serverfault.com – I have ordered Skype Connect, And i want to integrate skype connect with my Elastix server to handle incoming and outgoing calls. I created new SIP Trunk through GUI with the following info : Incoming Settings [skype_in] disallow=all type=friend username=sipusername fromdomain=sip.skype.com fromuser=sipusername realm=sip.skype.com host=sip.skype.com dtmfmode=rfc2833 secret=sipuserpass nat=yes insecure=invite qualify=yes allow=alaw allow=ulaw amaflags=default trustrpid=no sendrpid=yes context=from-trunk-sip-Skype_out Outgoing Settings : [Skype_out] context=from-trunk-sip-Skype_out Reg (HowTos)