Single-port 2600 router with 2900XL switch

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http://serverfault.com – I have a setup, where the single port 2600 router is in port 0/2 in the switch, outside network is on port 0/1, and the rest (0/3-0/24) should be clients for the second network that would be managed by the 2600 router. I configured everything with two VLANs: 100 for outside (0/2-0/24), 200 for inside (0/1-0/2). 0/2 is a trunk port for the two VLANs. The issue that came about is that I can't have to VLANs on at once: software doesn't allow it. Now, I can ping the outside network devices (,, and even google ( from the router, but not the switch. Devices on c (HowTos)