Simple replacement of init to just start console

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http://stackoverflow.com – On a very simple PC, I want to replace Ubuntu 12.04 /sbin/init by the most simple bash script in order to have the very minimum number of running processes. Obviously, no X, no USB, no detection of new hardware, no upgrade, no apt, "nothing", I just need a working console with a DHCP-based Wi-Fi IP address (ssid, passphrase are already stored in /etc/network/interfaces). That's all. Currently, I have tried this in replacement of /sbin/init: #!/bin/sh mount -o rw,remount / mount -t proc none /proc udevd --daemon mkdir /run/network ifup -a & while [ 1 ]; do /sbin/getty -8 115200 tty1 vt (HowTos)