Side-scrolling on a trackpad

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello all, I just went through a pretty messy upgrade from F10 to F12...which ultimately required a complete reinstall. I have CDROM issues, so to save time (since I probably attempted at least 10 times), I went with a minimal setup using the netinstall CD. So I now have most of the basics setup with a KDE configuration. I'm just wondering why I can't scroll with the side of my trackpad. I haven't had issues with this before - it worked in any version of Fedora that I've used up to F10. I'm guessing that maybe in my minimal setup, some kind of driver or library has been left out...or there is a setting somewhere that enables this, though I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have any sugggestions? ---------- Post added at 04:25 AM CST ---------- Previous post was at 01:51 AM CST ---------- Ok...after enough googling, and reading manpages, I found the following command restores the options that I normally expect with my touchpad: synclient TapButton1=1 VertEdgeScroll=1 HorizEdgeScroll=1 So I've added this to a script in ~/.kde/Autostart/ that should run on startup. (HowTos)