Show only new and removed records by comparing to MySQL tables

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http://www.unix.com – Hello all; I have been really frustrated with finding the correct perl code (and MySql statements) to accomplish what I thought was straight forward...I have tested I don't know how many different codes\suggestions I found on the net without any success...but anyhow let me explain my plight and what I am looking for... I have 2 tables (in same db called audit) Table 1: Name: permchk_violations Fields: `v_node` char(25) `v_type` char(1) `v_fd_name` char(100) `v_path` char(100) `v_rights` char(9) `v_owner` char(25) `v_group` char(25) `v_size` decimal(15,0) `v_moddate` char(25) `v_detected_date (HowTos)