Should I upgrade from 11.04 to 12.04 directly or upgrade to 11.10 first [closed]

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http://askubuntu.com – Possible Duplicate: Can I skip over releases? Upgrade manager is talking about doing upgrade 11.10 Can (and should) I go straight to 12.04 ? If so how (online?) ? Yup, I've backed up my data ! :) I've looked at a lot of similar questions about 10 and 11 upgrades but none of them are quite the same as my question using the specific versions I've shown. This question: How can I upgrade from 11.04 to 12.04? seems to iondicate that I'll need to do the upgrade to 11.10 first. This: Can I skip over releases? also seems to prefer that. btw this is one of three systems. I tend to u (HowTos)