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http://www.unix.com – Hi, I need shell script for getting the date in format from below text output IP IS [bsnl.in]pun-ras-bng-mhs-01#show conf port 2/4 Building configuration... Current configuration: ! card ge3-4-port 2 ! port ethernet 2/4 no shutdown encapsulation dot1q dot1q pvc 3000 description *** Uplink-1 to Internet *** bind interface INET-UPLINK-1 bsnl.in dot1q pvc 3001 description *** Uplink for Management *** bind interface MGMT-UPLINK-1 mgmt dot1q pvc 3002 description *** Uplink to AAA *** bind interface AAA-UPLINK-1 local IP IS [K[bsnl.in]pun- (HowTos)