Shell script problem

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http://www.unix.com – i have a set of commands to be executed, which is working perfectly when executed from terminal line by line but when its put in a shell script its not working i.e its giving FileNotFoundException. how do i resolve it my code is like #!/bin/sh pushd /Desktop/Solris_Installer/ROCore jar xf ROCoreDetect.ear readionecoredetect-1.0.sar jar xf readionecoredetect-1.0.sar lib cp ROSite_App.properties lib pushd /Desktop/Solris_Installer/ROCore/lib jar uf readionecoredetect-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar ROSite_App.properties rm ROSite_App.properties pushd /Desktop/Solris_Installer/ROCore jar uf readionecoredete (HowTos)