shell script not running the other script inside it

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http://stackoverflow.com – #!/bin/bash value=$(</var/www/sym_monitor/manthan.txt) if [ "$value" == "true" ]; then ps -ef|grep sym |grep -v grep |awk '{ print $2 }'|sudo xargs kill -9; cd /var/www/symmetric-ds-3.1.6/bin; sleep 30; (sudo ./sym --port 8082 --server); fi I'm trying to run the above script every 10 mins using cron. While running it under root manually the script is doing fine but when I try to run the script inside cron it is executing the (ps -ef|grep sym |grep -v grep |awk '{ print $2 }'|sudo xargs kill -9;) and it is not executing the script (sudo ./sym --port 8082 --server) and it is not (HowTos)