Shell script emailing issue

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http://www.unix.com – Hi, Im writing a shell script: #!/bin/bash #Send process which has exceeded 25% # echo 'pri pid user nice pcpu command' > /export/home/tjmoore/fi le2 # if ps -eo pri,pid,user,nice,pcpu,comm | awk '{if($5 >= 25)print $0}' >> /export/h ome/tjmoore/file2 2>/dev/null # # # then /usr/local/bds/mailsend.s mailx "Process has surpassed 25% threshold" [email adress] [email address] /export/home/tjmoore/file2 2&1>/dev/ null fi my issue is that it sends an email even if there is no process exceeding the threshold, is there anyway I can stop this from happening possi (HowTos)