-sh: ./: Permission denied unable to run program on mini2440 target

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I would like to run a program on the mini2440. My OS is Ubuntu 12.04. When I attempt to run the program on the target board of the mini2440 I get the following error ? -sh: ./: Permission denied What am I missing ?? I believe that it has to something to do with the shell, yet I am at a loss as to what the solution would be ? FriendlyARM login: root [root@FriendlyARM /]# ls bin etc lib linuxrc opt root sys usr www dev home libexec mnt proc sbin tmp var [root@FriendlyARM /]# cd /home/src/led [root@FriendlyARM led]# ls Makefile (HowTos)