SFTP Script fails to transmit the file

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http://www.unix.com – I have written a Unix Script to automate the process of File transfer from Our server to vendor Server but the automation Script fail when Progress meter is around 65-70% Complete. Why is this haapening? See the Log File Contenet: spawn sftp -o IdentityFile=/home/lawsched/ah_rsa [email protected] Connecting to YYY.com SSH Server supporting SFTP and SCP sftp> cd /INBOUND sftp> put /law/hrprdir/CTXX453_20121018 Uploading /law/hrprdir/CTXX453_20121018 to /INBOUND/CTXX453_20121018 /law/hrprdir/CTXX453_20121018 0% 0 0.0KB/s --:-- ETA /law/hrprdir/CTXX453_20121018 7% 480KB 480.0K (HowTos)