Setting up first RAID / backup home server -- Feedback?

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http://crunchbanglinux.org – MODS: Feel free to move this to a more appropriate forum -- couldn't decide which would be best.This weekend I'll be undertaking my first RAID setup as I move to a larger seedbox/home server. Appreciate warnings or tips from anyone with a bit more experience.Uses:Seedbox (mostly linux isos)Home server (samba, nfs, apache, ssh, openvpn, streams lots of media around the apartment)Network backupCurrent total data: ~500gb (between both media and backups)What I'm working with: Software: #! StatlerComputer: P4 (2.4ghz) with 1gb RAM. Adapters: A pci-sata card with 4 sata slotsNetwork: (HowTos)