Setting up bridging for Qemu and routing for OpenVZ (venet) with multiple subnets on Debian Linux

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http://serverfault.com – So i've been searching the past couple days trying to figure out the best way to achieve this but still can't get it figured out. I have a debian server setup running Proxmox to host OpenVZ and Qemu virtual machines. I've been assigned two subnets from my provider on the same uplink port. My ultimate goal is to have the Qemu bridged to eth1 and OpenVZ routed to eth1. I want to use OpenVZ routing (venet) because of the ease to provision servers. In theory this is what i'm trying to do (Gateway can be 200.x.x.41 or 200.x.x.97): /// Gateway 200.x.x.x /// | | /// (HowTos)