Services, Samba, Firewall and some other Apps will not open.

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi All. ..Have already spent hours trying to figure this out. Basically, here's what I'm seeing: (F16-PAE, 32 bit; GeForce GT 430) Code: [root@Rock /]# system-config-services Illegal instruction [root@Rock /]# system-config-firewall Illegal instruction [root@Rock /]# system-config-samba Illegal instruction [root@Rock /]# And cannot open them with the graphical prompts either. Have tried to open them in Gnome-shell, gnome-fallback mode and in MATE DE.. no joy.. (the mouse cursor spins for several seconds then stops) These two do work, and the graphical applications open up: Code: (HowTos)