Sendmail delivers mail to local user if it exists instead of passing it to the smart relay

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http://www.unix.com – Environment: SCO Unix Openserver 6 Sendmail ver: 8.11.3 I just put this server online replacing it's old counterpart, same OS on new machine. There are many different servers on this domain, windowssrv.thisdomain.com, oldunix.thisdomain.com, and the new newunix.thisdomain.com just to name a few. The problem is when we generate emails bound for [email protected], if fred is setup as a user on newunix.thisdomain.com, sendmail delivers the message to the his local mailbox in /var/spool/mail/fred. The old server didn't do this. I've compared the sendmail.cf files on oldunix and newunix and t (HowTos)