select unique values from duplicates in linux

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http://www.unix.com – I have values in the variable as so the for loop just fetches one by one params=$'$HEW_SRC_DATABASE_LIB\nprmAttunityUser\nprmAttunityPwd\nprmODBCDataSource\nprmLoadInd\nprmS rc_Lib_ATM\nprmODBCDataSource_ATM' and i have a grep command like this Code:           ret=`grep \$y $pf` Where $y refers to values in the params variable and $pf contains certain values which are assigned to the values fetched from params variable. The output through that command is Code:     $HEW_SRC_DATABASE_LIB prmAttunityUser prmAttunityPwd prmODBCDataSource prm (HowTos)