Seeding Torrents

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – One of the ways you can help users install Fedora 12 is to first help them get the iso's. Tonight, when I looked for a mirror to download from I realized that the direct download was going to be slow, so I looked at the torrents. It actually took me less time to download from a torrent then it would have if I downloaded directly from a mirror. So, if your looking for a faster way to download, look at the torrents that are located here: http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/ I've got my iso's, but I'm going to leave the torrents on so I can seed others. It would be nice if others did the same. The more seeders, the faster the downloads (duh). Edit: Wow, wasn't like that earlier, and I have a speedy cable connection. It's ok, I still got my iso's, and I'll leave the torrent on, I'm seeding quite a few folks. Edit: OK, where'd the other post go. Hmmm, he must have Died online (heh). (HowTos)