Sed script not working properly on Solaris (works fine on AIX)?

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http://www.unix.com – Hi, I have a problem with a SED script that works fine on AIX but does not work properly on a Solaris system. The ksh script executes the SED and puts the output in HTML in tables. But the layout of the output in HTML is not shown correctly(no tables, no color). Can anyone tell if there is difference in Solaris why SED is not working correctly? The same SED script works fine on AIX. Here is the SED script: s/<br>//gs/<b>//gs/<\/b>//gs/\ face\=\"Arial\" size\=\"2\"//gs/^.*\..*\..*\..* \- \- \[\(.*\)\] \(.*\)$/<tr><td colspan=2><font co (HowTos)