In Search of Forecastfox 2.2.4 for LINUX

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Among my many adventures with CentOS 7.0 I wanted to install Forecastfox 2.2.4 for Firefox LINUX. Well I read all type of chatter on Forecastfox 2.2.4, but the only Downloads for Forecastfox 2.2.4 was nasty ol' Windoze. The only link I found took me to a place called "getforcastfox", and all you are greeted with is a bunch of ads, and no way to download Forecastfox 2.2.4. Dose anyone know a LINUX site where you can actually DOWNLOAD Forecastfox 2.2.4, rather than be confronted with ads but no way to download it. Thanks (HowTos)