Script to zip the files of yesterday

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http://www.unix.com – Hi I've the following requirement, where i need to zip the yesterday files every day . Yesterday's Files Code: touch AB_XYZA_20130930183017.log touch AB_DY_XYZA_20130930183017.log touch AB_GZU_20130930183017.log touch AB_XYZA_20130930180023.log touch AB_DY_XYZA_20130930180023.log touch AB_GZU_20130930180023.log touch AB_XYZA_20130930163019.log touch AB_DY_XYZA_20130930163019.log touch AB_GZU_20130930163019.log touch AB_XYZA_20130930220020.log touch AB_DY_XYZA_20130930220020.log touch AB_GZU_20130930220020.log Today's Files Code: touch AB_XYZA_20131001183017.log touch AB_DY_XYZA_2 (HowTos)