Screening line-in with PulseAudio on F11

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have my stereo plugged into the line in on my computer. When I wanted to listen to something on it (like, say, FM radio), I could just go into the mixer, unmute the line in on the playback, and I could listen to whatever was streaming in over my computer speakers. Now, the helpful ALSA mixer has been replaced by a PulseAudio mixer that has a REALLY helpful single "master" channel....and that's it. Does anyone have any idea how to allow the line in to simply play back through master using PulseAudio? I shouldn't need to use an additional app for this, ALSA used to just play it back happily before... Even the alsamixer on the command line now has been captured by PulseAudio, so it just shows "master" for playback. (HowTos)