screen: using 'cat > fifo' in .screenrc

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I'm setting up .screenrc, and I'm trying to set up a couple of screens as follows: screen 1: cat > ~/fifo screen 2: bash ~/fifo already exists... This way, in screen 2, I can do something like this: Code: $ cat ~/fifo | tr a-z A-Z then I can type Code: stop shouting! into screen 1, and I'll see Code: STOP SHOUTING! in screen 2. I'm having trouble setting up screen 1. Here's my .screenrc Code: startup_message off screen cat > ~/.fifo I start up screen, and it exits immediately: Code: $ screen [screen is terminating] Now... when I run this at the shell, the fifo will block for input, and the process won't quit until I enter Control-D which closes the file. The process launched by .screenrc exits immediately. I can run the command from within screen, operates just like it would in any other shell session... ... when 'cat > ~/.fifo' starts, launched within screen, I guess stdin is empty, so the process terminates immediately... is there a way of launching this in a way that leaves stdin open? (HowTos)