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http://forums.opensuse.org – Greetings, my apologies in advance if a solution has already been posted, but my search was unfruitful. I have a 1680x1050 15.4'' laptop screen, with NVIDIA GTX 260m video card, running the latest stable drivers and all that jazz. X defaults to a very high dpi (xdpyinfo yield 129x127), that I don't really need: 96x94 (or whatever the ratio is for widescreen is) is more than enough for me to read. In past versions of openSUSE I used to "fake" the monitor size under SaX, i.e. I told X that I was sporting a 19'' screen, so that the fonts would have been scaled down. I never used the KDE "force dpi" feature, as it doesn't take into account me having a widescreen monitor, and characters would appear distorted. Unfortunately, the trick does not work any more under 11.2. I also tried to force the "DPI" option in the xorg.conf file, under the "Device" section, without any result (although the xorg.conf file IS parsed, at least because the "NoLogo" option for the NVIDIA driver is enforced. Any hints? My thanks in advance. (Distributions)