scp recursively directories on SunOS

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I have encountered a small issue with SCP (and also rsync). I need to copy certain files from server A (running SunOS 5.8) to server B (running SunOS 5.10). First, I get the list of files (several hundred) via ssh and find FILES=`ssh user@remote find ./ -name "*.sh" -o -name "*.cbs" -print` scp -r user@remote:"$FILES" /u01/appl/somedir/ My problem is, I want to copy files with relative paths, e.g. product/11/ora/clean.sh creating also the directory structure (in result having /u01/appl/somedir/product/11/ora/clean.sh). Currently I am only able to download the file and no directories are (HowTos)