school is forcing me to use MS Word!

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I have an assignment in a class that calls for formatting some text using Word's default styles. But I have only OpenOffice.org writer, and a glance at the list of styles shows that one of the two styles my assignment calls for--"normal" isn't offered. Even if it were, how could I be sure it was identical to the "normal" style in Word? (The other one I need is "Heading 1," and Writer has it, but I still can't be sure it is identical.) Does anyone have any suggestions? A way I can be sure OO Writer duplicates what I would make in Word? (If not, fortunately, I won't have to run out and buy Microsoft Word and buy Windows Vista/Windows 7 so I can run Word in the first place. But I will have to go to the community college and pay $25 or so to get a computer account so I can use Word there.) (HowTos)