Save output and exit code of command to files on windows

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http://serverfault.com – I want to run a command and save its output and its exit code, in different files. Here's what i am doing: cmd.exe /C command 1> %TEMP%\output.log 2> %TEMP%\error.log && echo %ERRORLEVEL% > %TEMP%\status || echo %ERRORLEVEL% > %TEMP%\status If i don't do output redirection (into %TEMP%\output.log and/or %TEMP%\error.log), then exit code is saved just fine. However, when i run the line as shown above more than once (just get back to previous line in command prompt and rerun it), i get 0 in %TEMP%\status regardless of the real exit code. What am i missing? Or maybe there (HowTos)