sata_sil24 Not reading drives

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Good Day all, I have an issue with my silicon image 3124 PCI RAID card that is running a bios RAID0. The only distro I've ever had it working was opensuse 11.0 x86 version. I really would like to switch to fedora for it supports US industry standard products and I'm working on my RHCT & RHCE certs. Also I could really use the x86_64 boost with video transcode projects I do. So far, I see the kernel does detect the card, but it runs through errors that I do not really understand the technicalities of. Here's the edited portions of 'dmesg -r' that show what's going on (see attached .txt). I have considered and am willing to compile a x86_64 kernel with native support for the sata_sil24 driver but don't know if that would really 'fix' the issue since I'm not understanding the real source of the issue. Elliot Somers PS. The jist of my box is AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (2.0 Ghz) 3 gig ram, 2 WD 1200 in RAID0 on board via chip as boot., ATI Rage HD AGP, ATI 939 board. Everything works great from fresh install BUT the Sil3124. Attached Files dmesg edit.txt (5.6 KB) (HowTos)