SASL - Plaintext password not accepted - Encrypted works

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http://serverfault.com – I have a very strange issue! SASL does not work properly, as it does not accept plain-text passwords (like Outlook sends them) Oct 2 10:35:09 srf cyrus/imap[4119]: accepted connection Oct 2 10:35:09 srf cyrus/imap[4119]: badlogin: [217.XX.XXX.140] plaintext [email protected] SASL(-1): generic failure: checkpass failed Now I switch to "Encrypted password" in Thunderbird. I have the same issue as Outlook above on Thunderbird if I turn on "Plain Password"): Oct 2 10:40:40 srf cyrus/imap[14644]: accepted connection Oct 2 10:40:41 srf cyrus/imap[14622]: login: [217.XX.XXX.140] [email protected] (HowTos)