Samsung S3 USB Portable Media Player

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi guys! I'm not a complete newbie, but saturating myself with linux isn't going as quickly as I'd like. I got this little Samsung S3 (YP-S3 in some circles) MP3 and OGG player to complement my iPod. I use it with Windows and I like it quite a bit. I'd like to be able to sync it with my SuSE 11.0 (updated fully) box. When I plug it in, it isn't mounted at all. My USB jump drive just plugs right up, so USB support is working... I updated the firmware on the player to use MTP without an issue. I've been working on this problem on and off in my spare time. Here's what I've got: The S3 can be plugged in via USB, and for what it's worth the computer can determine a LOT about the player. 'lsusb -v' gives a ton of info (can post if wanted) including the make and model all the way to the serial number. 'dmesg' shows the same: the device is discovered (make, model, serial number), but nothing further is shown. When I plug in my Kingston USB jump drive, on the other hand, the system automatically recognizes and mounts it as a device. 'dmesg' shows the same discovery routine, but then proceeds with "Initializing USB Mass Storage driver..." and mounts the jump drive. If I'm reading that right, there's a disconnect somewhere in between recognizing the device's stats and starting the needed services. I've been going through these pages about the S3 and Ubuntu - Ubuntu Forum Thread This page talks about trying to mount the device. The most helpful post is the third, by mlaverdiere. Unfortunately, I get stuck at step 2 - once the firmware on my S3 was updated, there's no partitions detected. "Bug" Report about a hal Configuration for the S3 This page talks about adding a configuration for the S3 into the proper file for hal to find. I went to the same file on my SuSE system and didn't find a matching configuration, so I added it. This was apparently not the solution, but I think it was needed. (Also, my device reports that its product id is 0x5091, and I updated the hal configuration accordingly after a few tries. Still no good, but I'm still betting that it's good to have the right value entered.) Now, If I could find the device, the first page (mlaverdiere's post) provides the conditions for mounting it manually, but I can't find the S3 after I plug it in - I don't know what device name it takes. All old advice(ca. 2004, 2005) says sda1, but that's my first hard disk drive partition, followed by sda2, sda3, and sdb1. I can't find a UUID for the device to use either. What information can I serve up for you folks? (Distributions)