Samba4 / SoGo can't join domain as additional DC

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http://serverfault.com – I have a win2k server server2000.zagames.zag.com.au as a PDC and I've added a SoGo ZEG appliance (ver 2.0.0b5) to the LAN. When I try to join the SoGo samba4 server to the domain I get errors. Do I need to provision the SoGo machine before joining or set a machine password or what? Is it a kerberos issue? root@sogo:~# samba-tool domain join zagames DC -UAdministrator --realm=zagames.zag.com.au Finding a writeable DC for domain 'zagames' Found DC SERVER2000.zagames.zag.com.au Password for [ZAGAMES\Administrator]: workgroup is ZAGAMES realm is zagames.zag.com.au checking sAMAccountName Adding C (HowTos)