SAMBA, windows Vista, Fedora 12 on VBOX setup issues

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello, i have done 2 days of searching, and have yet to be able to determine the issue with my setup of SAMBA on by fedora instance running in a VBOX virtual server. I have the Fedora 12 instance running a APACHE webserver, with MYSQL and a wikipedia running successfully for several months. This is my first attempt at setting up SAMBA though. I would like to get some starting points to review, so that I can begin troubleshooting the setup. I have read that the SELINUX needs to opened up, and that the firewall must all SAMBA client to pass through, but I'm not sure if I've done that correctly. For those of you that may have a similar setup here is the basic configuration: the fedora is on it's own Hostonly network inside my Vista machine, on the 192.168.56.x network. Vista interface : Fedora interface: Workgroup is MSHOME What I really need to know is what needs to be configured to make this work properly. I use VISTA as the base workstation, and would like to be able to access the share in the html directory on FEDORA to do PHP development, from my netbeans IDE in windows. I need this setup, because the final production server of the PHP will be a windows box, (Otherwise I would do all the dev in LINUX) As always, I am willing to do the necessary legwork to read other posts/webpages if anyone has good resources that I can review. I am only asking for starting points, and major items to review. Thanks Steve (HowTos)