Samba share between Fedora 12 and OSX Snow Leopard - Hidden Files Permissions Issue

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi all, I'm having a problem with a Samba share hosted by one of our Fedora boxes and OSX Snow Leopard (10.6), issues are as follows: When the OSX client tries to copy a directory including up to sub-directories into a directory on the server, OSX responds with a permissions error and refuses to copy. Upon closer inspection I discovered that if files where copied over individually, you would be able to do so without any problems. then I interrogated the directory I was trying to copy using terminal and ls -la, which showed a fair amount of the usual hidden files OSX likes to litter all over the place. All appear to have the correct permissions assigned to them and the only unusual thing I have found with them is that some have Extended Attributes (an @ at the end of the permissions string), which I can interrogate with xattr in osx. Does anyone have any experience of this causing problems with Samba shares etc? or perhaps know of any good sites that explain this extended attributes business, as my main knowledge base is in Linux.. Or even if there is any way you can stop OSX from being such a messy bugger with its hidden files? Thanks for any help! Stewart (HowTos)